Electric boilers

Produce heat/steam at night and use it during the day
Each time power is lost we are invited on an unwanted trip back to the days before civilization. The entire modern society is dependent on a stable supply of electricity, and it being produced around the clock.

The problem is that electricity cannot be stored, and must be consumed at the same time and the same rate as it is provided.Electricity that is not used is wasted, without doing any good. This happens every night when most electric power-driven machines and appliances are not in use.

Zeta boiler, a future wise investment

An elegant solution to the problem of excess electricity is to allow an electric boiler to convert it to steam or heat that can be utilized in district heating and industrial processes. This is a solution that is highly interesting for power and process industries that advantageously can allow the boiler to work at night when electricity is available at low price.

The world’s best electric boiler is called Zeta, and is manufactured by the Swedish engineering firm Zander & Ingeström in two basic models: a boiler for steam production in industries and power plants, and a model for hot water production in plants and hot water networks.

The electric-powered Zeta boiler thus replaces all heat and steam boilers fueled by oil, coal and other fossil fuels, whose flue gases contribute to global warming and pollute soil and water. Investing in a Zeta boiler is, in other words, also an investment in a cleaner environment.

Introducing the world’s best hot water and steam boilers
A little proud, we are all, to have our steam boilers and elegantly packaged in this freshly brochure.

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