References from our customers

CHINA Anguang, Jilin, Changchun, Rizhao Commission: In 2013, we delivered four different plants to China. These boilers utilize low electricity rates at night and
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Denmark In Denmark, we have made a large number of deliveries where our boilers are part of the energy system.
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Finland Keljonlahti CHP 10 MW auxiliary steam generating system Wärtsilä: 2 x 25 MW Hetvatten Olkiluoto 3: 2 x 15
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Germany Saarbrücken/Ludwigsfelde, Flensburg, EON-Shamrock Commission: Germany has a long history of installing plants that generate renewable electricity using wind and sun. To take care
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Norway In Norway we have supplied a large number of plants over the years. Below are three of our most
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Sweden Hallsta Paper Mill Commission: We were asked to reinforce the boiler house at Hallsta Paper Mill, where we previously supplied a 40
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