The art of designing and manufacturing, supplying and installing a boiler system

The heart of the boiler systems that Zander & Ingeström deliver is our pressure vessels and control systems. Everything is manufactured in house and all designs are approved by an accredited independent inspection authority.

The commission routines

Every new commission is firmly rooted in best practices, where we begin with design reviews and establish schedules and specific quality plans. The actual manufacturing is done with carefully selected suppliers that we in most cases have a longstanding relationship with. There are several reasons why we do not have your own workshop: We get more capacity because we can have several manufacturing units operating at the same time. We keep costs down. And we can locate manufacturing close to you, our customer.


We install complete turnkey plants in Sweden. In other countries, we have contracted partners that tailor installations to suit local conditions.


The moment of truth is at the actual start-up when we test all functions, such as security, functionality and performance.